During January, 1,529,000 people used international flights, 14% more than in the same month last year, while 1,206,000 passengers used cabotage flights, 7% more than in January 2017. Taking into account international and cabotage flights, there were a total of 2.73 million passengers, 11% more than in the same month last year. Additionally, in the month of January, 230 thousand passengers flew from/to the exterior in the airports of the interior of the country, which sets another historical record by surpassing last December (192 thousand passengers). The airport that grew most in international traffic this month was the Mendoza airport, which increased by 40% its international passengers. An important growth of passengers was also registered in cabotage routes that do not necessarily pass through Buenos Aires. An example of this is the number of passengers between Córdoba and several airports, such as Salta, with an increase of 110% against January 2017; Jujuy, 64%; Iguazú, 52% or Bariloche, 20%. Other routes with significant growth were Bariloche-El Calafate, with an increase of 15% or Iguazú-Salta, 32%. Regarding how the cabotage market is distributed, Aerolíneas absorbed 48%, Austral 25%, Latam 18%, Andes 8% and Avianca 1%. The international market leader is Latam 26%, followed by Aerolíneas Argentinas 24%, GOL 9%, American 4% and Copa, Iberia, Avianca and Sky with 3%. Other companies: 25%. One noteworthy fact is that the information, prepared by the Argentine Air Navigation Agency (EANA) based on the Integrated Aviation System (SIAC), was received on 1 February, i. e. just 24 hours after the end of the month in question.

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