La Cita 2018 Speakers - Today we introduce you to Claudemir Oliveira PhD.

Claudemir Oliveira, PhD, is the founder and president of “Seeds of Dreams Institute”, and has extensive experience in the corporate world. In his career in sales, marketing and training, in companies like American Airlines, United Airlines and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, he has reached over 500.000 people from all over the world with a positive message. At Disney, he had the privilege to start up the Disney Brazilian office, and, when in USA, to teach at the famous Disney University and be a guest speaker at Disney Institute.

          Claudemir Oliveira, PhD Founder & President, Seeds of Dreams

          Claudemir Oliveira, PhD Founder & President, Seeds of Dreams

Seeds of Dreams purpose is to create a positive and unparalleled environment to our employees and clients so they can go from “seeds” to “harvest” and beyond…Inspiring. Transpiring. Transforming. Transcending. Inspiration leads to transpiration that leads to transformation that leads to transcendence…



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